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Microbial Cells

Microbial cell factories - beòcarta’s experience

In collaboration with biomanufacturers, beòcarta has worked in Europe, the United States, India, Japan and Korea on microbial processes for:

  • Enzymes (proteases, amylases, glucoamylases, cellulases)
  • Enzyme inhibitors, including clavulanic acid and acarbose
  • Penicillins G and V
  • Chlortetracycline and demethylchlorteracycline
  • Erythromycin
  • Vancomyin family antibiotics
  • Vitamin B2 and B5
  • Amino acids
  • Novel anti-fungal agents and other bioactives
  • Nucleosides

Metabolic analysis has been applied to scales as small as shake flasks to industrial fermentors to provide a detailed understanding of how processes change and why new strains sometimes fail to surmount those changes as fermentations and their physical parameters evolve from the laboratory to the production site.