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Animal Cells

Animal cell cultures and biopharmaceuticals

The rise of bio-generics and bio-similars has limited the scope for the next generation or two of recombinant protein product “blockbusters”.

Animal cell cultures have struggled to match the productivities of bacterial, yeast and fungal fermentations. Media are complex and expensive; processes are often highly fragile and unstable. Given the multiplicity of inputs-amino acids, peptides, glucose (possibly, with other sugars), a long recipe list of “growth factors” and few process parameters easily and cheaply monitored, how can metabolic analysis approaches help?

The answer is: surprisingly quickly.

With off-line and on-line analytical chemistry, animal cell metabolism is very amenable to predictive mathematical modelling to rationalise media and accurately manage the cell culture to generate as much as possible of the medically and economically valuable monoclonal antibodies.

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