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beòcarta: biofuels, biotech, biorefineries

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The global biofuels industry has revolutionised the biotechnology of microbial “cell factories”.

Biotechnology can offer solutions to conflicts between food and fuels, land used for staple crops and land transformed into bio-energy plantations. There is nothing new about biotechnology: the ethanol fermentation derives from human society before written history, and modern biotechnology features in yoghurts, washing powder enzymes, vitamins and health foods, across industrial sectors and around the world.

But now we have the scientific base to develop alternatives to oil as well as cures for intractable diseases, new antibiotics, catalysts for “green” chemical manufacturing, sugarless sweeteners, a host of molecules and - ultima tely, hydrogen as the only carbon-free fuel.

Since 1985, beòcarta has worked on bioprocesses on industrial sites and in modern laboratories, seeking new solutions for old problems: how to make biomanufacturing more efficient and how to grow good science out of the laboratory and into a viable bio-economy.